DHL Freight trials oversized trailer and LNG tractor

In attempt to reduce truck-miles and CO2 per mile, DHL Freight is trialling an LNG truck and oversized trailer in Germany. This combination has been problematic in the past due to the design of the LNG tank.

The oversized trailer is large enough to reduce the amount of trucks on the road between locations. The problem with larger trailers is axle weight – too much and roads can be damaged. Bulky, light loads would therefore be carried in such vehicles.

The trailer has an internal loading height of three metres, which is especially valued in the automotive sector as it has greater loading capacity and can carry larger parts.

DHL Freight state that the Iveco Stralis combination is to be piloted for a year as a daily shuttle between DHL’s logistics centre and a BMW factory in southern Germany.

“The combination of LNG truck and mega trailer is a promising sustainable solution for automotive logistics,” said Uwe Brinks, chief executive of DHL Freight.

“We are able to meet the customer’s transport requirements in the best possible way, while also significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the supply chain. The increase in fuel efficiency and proven reduction of harmful emissions that comes with using natural gas help to make long-distance road transport more sustainable.”


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