DHL Germany offering 15 minute delivery windows

DHL Germany is to ‘significantly improve’ how it delivers parcels to customers through giving them much narrower windows of delivery than at present.


Under the plans, DHL will send an email at the start of the day offering a delivery window of around two hours and then, 15 minutes prior to delivery will send a text or email with the exact time of delivery.


Deutsche Post DHL CEO Frank Appel said that the service is being piloted in some parts of Germany with a plan to roll out nationwide next year. Appel: “We will significantly improve the forecasting accuracy for parcels. Our customers should first receive an approximate time by email for when the person delivering the package is to arrive.


“And, for example, 15 minutes before arrival, there will be another e-mail with the exact time, which we calculate based on the position of the van recorded by GPS. We are now testing this in some regions and in the course of 2020 these ‘just-in-time’ packages will be available nationwide.”


DHL Germany is profiled in European Parcels Market Insight Report 2019


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