DHL Global Forwarding – biofuels for container ships

DHL Global Forwarding has announced plans to offer customers to select biofuels to fuel the transport of their goods by sea rather than fossil fuels.

The global logistics company is working with the Good Shipping Programme that is a global initiative looking to decarbonise the container shipping industry through changing the marine fuel mix.

“The partnership with the GoodShipping Program is a unique opportunity to drive change within the ocean freight industry and to contribute to DHL’s environmental target of zero emissions by 2050. Our joint advanced biofuel service is designed as a supplement to our GoGreen Climate Neutral services or as an alternative, giving our customers even more opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Kathrin Brost, Global Head Customer Intelligence & GoGreen, DHL Global Forwarding.

The new service will be available to DHL Global Forwarding’s customers in early 2018.

While the attempt to move to biodiesel is somewhat admirable, one should remember that many biofuels create habitat destruction. The Orangutan ape is on the brink of extinction due to its Indonesian habitat being destroyed in favour of palm oil production. Considering these ships will burn more than 40 tonnes of fuel oil a day, that is a lot of rainforest being destroyed for every trip. One does hope that DHL seek a truly sustainable form of biofuel as opposed to a ‘green washed’ fuel…

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