DHL Global Forwarding helps life sciences and healthcare

In the face of logistics bottlenecks in the face of the pandemic, DHL Global Forwarding is deploying its expertise to help the life sciences and healthcare segment.

“We’re currently working faster than ever,” said Tobias Schmidt, CEO DHL Global Forwarding in Germany. “Our employees are working almost around the clock to get important deliveries to where they are urgently needed. We’re currently seeing a strong shift in demand towards products and goods needed in the fight against COVID-19.

“For example, for the past week, we have been transporting around 100,000 COVID test tubes a day from China to Germany and the Czech Republic for a customer specialising in medical accessories. We’re also still transporting everyday industrial goods and products,” he continued.

“Flexibility and pragmatism are needed to meet demand as quickly as possible. We have been using numerous charter flights to ensure that our customers can maintain their supply chains despite the sharp decline in availability among our commercial carriers.”

Unfortunately there is competition for space on shipments around the world between essential items like pandemic testing kits and non-essential items, in part due to the collapse of the air passenger industry reducing regular cargo capacity. Dedicated expertise from the shipping specialists can enable problems to be rounded.