DHL Global Forwarding offers new import product to Australia/NZ

To aid trade between Australia, New Zealand and Europe, DHL Global Forwarding has announced a multimodal freight option. Air freight rates have rocketed during the pandemic so the route will have goods flown to Singapore or Hong Kong from Europe and then sent to the two countries by sea.

“As countries gradually recover in the aftermath of Covid-19, we are seeing an increase in demand for products other than essential and medical goods. Local businesses in Australia and New Zealand are in need of an alternative to pure air freight transport, which has not recovered to pre-Covid rates due to the capacity crunch worldwide. With our strong global network and local expertise, we were able to swiftly create viable solutions including this Europe-Pacific AIR-SEA service, to help companies rebuild their business as they adapt to the new normal,” said Charles Kaufmann, CEO, North Asia South Pacific, DHL Global Forwarding and President/Representative Director, DHL Global Forwarding Japan K.K.

Europe is Australia’s second largest trading parter and has increased its exports to Australia grow from £26.2 billion in 2006 to £38 billion in 2016. Passenger cars, medicines and pharmaceuticals were among its top imports in 2018.

“Strategically located in the midpoint between the origin and destination, Singapore and Hong Kong were chosen as the locations for the consolidation hubs due to their large capacity, high frequency of flights, and ability to ship ‘freight all kinds’ (FAK),” Kaufmann added.