DHL launches SameDay Speedline service

DHL Global Forwarding has launched a new air freight service for emergency shipments called SameDay Speedline.

This new service can provide urgent delivery of spare parts, newly launched products or critical medical supplies for example. DHL says that it will offer “24/7/365 pickup and delivery, collection within 120 minutes and quotations within 60 minutes”.

Though the new service by DHL is open to most business sectors, DHL say that it will likely appeal to the aerospace and aviation, automotive, energy, electronics, and life sciences industries.

Ingo-Alexander Rahn, Global Head of Air Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, commented: “The emergency shipment market is growing with just-in-time inventories for industries from aerospace and energy to manufacturing to adapt their supply chains. The need for mission critical shipment delivery to avoid line down situations continues to arise and requires a partner that has the global reach combined with the technology to provide transparency to each sector-specific logistical challenge. DHL SameDay Speedline fills this gap and provides added value through its many service features.”

Those wishing to use the service will contact the DHL SameDay Speedline service contact centres in the US, Singapore and Ireland. Through these, the shipments will be proactively monitored from source to destination. The DHL SameDay Speedline network consists of around 50 stations though it is expected that “the network will grow through customer demand”.

Customers of DHL SameDay Speedline will receive customized “milestone updates” as their shipments progress towards their destination.

It isn’t just customers who need things shifted immediately – the Same Day system has long been the domain of businesses and getting things shifted around the world quickly is something that DHL as a whole will have had to do many times before.

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