DHL looks at ‘digital twins’ in logistics

DHL has shown that using ‘digital twins’ companies can improve logistics operations. This is according to the “Digital Twins in Logistics – A DHL perspective on the impact of digital twins on logistics” trends report.

Digital twinning allows companies to better understand and manage physical assets using virtual models. These this can give insights into the past, look at how to optimise the present and predict future performance based on past and present movements. The concept is not new in other industries and can be readily moved into logistics and delivery.

“The market for digital twins is expected to grow more than 38 percent each year, passing the $26 billion mark by 2025,” said DHL senior vice president, global head of innovation and commercial development Matthias Heutger.

“Digital twins offer unparalleled capabilities to track, monitor, and diagnose assets. They will change traditional supply chains, with a range of options to facilitate data-driven decision making and collaboration, streamlined business processes, and new business models. We are keen to work with our customers and partners to jointly explore applications in our industry.”

DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation vice president, innovation and trend research, Markus Kückelhaus added: “Powered by IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and advanced visualization tools, digital twins are becoming a more attractive and accessible option for companies.”


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