DHL – more than 5,000 StreetScooter BEVs in fleet

According to DHL, it now has 5,000 StreetScooter battery electric delivery vehicles delivering post and parcels throughout its fleet.

In a statement from DHL, it said that the company had plans to have 5,000 StreetScooters operating in its global fleet by the end of 2017, and to this extent is ahead of schedule.

Currently the logistics giant’s EV fleet includes 3,700 StreetScooter WORK and 1,300 WORK L models. DHL also has also 10,500 pedelec vehicles (‘e-bikes’) that are operating as part of the Post – eCommerce – Parcel division. Among these 10,500 vehicles, 1,300 e-bikes and trikes are built by StreetScooter, and this proportion is set to increase.

Accompanying the gradual expansion of its fleet of electric vehicles, Deutsche Post DHL Group has also expanded its charging station infrastructure nationwide.

“It all started in 2012 with a big idea,” said Jürgen Gerdes, CEO of the Post – eCommerce – Parcel division at Deutsche Post DHL Group. “Today, after 13.5m kilometres driven we’ve proven that StreetScooter works. It’s working quite well, in fact – not only for the Group, but for customers outside the logistics industry in Germany and other European countries. Emission-free mobility has arrived and it’s here to stay!””

DHL isn’t mucking about when it comes to greening its fleet, unlike its rivals. One notes that UPS has a tiny experimental fleet and is taking money from governments to ‘do research’ but has yet to do anything significant. DHL in building its own fleet of delivery vehicles and rolling them out worldwide is definitely a company that doesn’t think the green credentials are solely for their annual CSR statement.

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