DHL offers carbon offsets for US customers

For its US operations, DHL eCommerce Solutions has relaunched its carbon neutral offering, Expedited Max where all CO2 emissions will be offset as part of the US domestic service. This is part of its parent company’s recently launched Sustainability Roadmap.

The company says that all US and flats and outbound parcel customers will be able to access a personalised carbon emissions report using its web portal. This data can be gathered on a weekly and monthly basis, covering gross, offset and net emissions.

“Our US domestic customers can have visibility of their carbon footprint and know they are making a positive impact on the environment when using our Expedited Max product,” said Dmitry Antonov, VP of product management for DHL eCommerce Solutions, Americas. “By offsetting our carbon footprint and setting the highest environmental standard, we are contributing to DPDHL Group’s overall environmental targets.”

The product offset around 60,000 tons of CO2 in 2020 using carbon credits, the equivalent of offsetting 150 millions of a typical US car’s emissions.

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