DHL Parcel expands truck fleet

DHL Parcel is to invest £6.7 million in upgrading its fleet of trucks and trailers to add capacity and aid future growth.

The UK company will include 45 Volvo Tractor Units, 24 Volvo Rigid trucks and 29 Don-Bur double deck trailers.

The Don-Bur double deck trailers offer twice the capacity of traditional trailers and will enable more parcels to be transported without having additional vehicles on the road.

The trailers are to have ‘EcoStream’ aerodynamic roof sections that can save up to 16% in fuel.

Volvo’s rigid chassis, which will largely operate in urban areas, were selected for their additional lower passenger door glazing panels and a second side window behind the passenger door, which gives better visibility of pedestrians and cyclists. 

Scott Laird, Vice President of Operations, DHL  Parcel, said: “The investment in our fleet is part of the infrastructure upgrade the business requires to support growth. However this is also an opportunity to ensure drivers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure their safety and that of the public.”


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