DHL Parcel now offering two hour delivery windows in Germany

Online shoppers in five German cities can have their parcels delivered within a two hour time window between 1000 – 2100 if their e-tailer is using DHL Parcel. In 50 cities they have had a choice of one of two time windows since 2014 in the evenings, but this extends the choice to ‘when exactly they would like to have their parcels delivered.’

The new service will be expanded so all 50 cities currently getting the evening choice service will be able to choose any time during the day as well.

According to DHL Parcel this will reach as many as 30 million inhabitants with this new offer, or around 30% of the German population.

“We are setting new standards in the parcel delivery industry with our time window delivery service,” said Achim Dünnwald, CEO of DHL Parcel. “When it comes to parcel delivery, now more than ever before it’s the recipients who are calling the shots. Customers tell us when they are at home and when they would like to receive their items, and we deliver the goods.”

Customers can also select a two-hour delivery window between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm for same-day deliveries.

Dünnwald added: “Our goal is to offer recipients the greatest possible flexibility and make their lives easier with simple and easy parcel delivery.”

Extending the services offered seems to be one of the key areas where delivery companies can compete in the e-commerce delivery market. This offering from DHL Parcel is the latest broadside from one of the giants in the delivery business. It will be interesting to see how its rivals react.