DHL Parcel starts electric van rollout

As part of its national electrification of its delivery fleet, DHL Parcel UK has put 14 electric delivery vans on London’s roads. These are to operate out of DHL’s Docklands depot, that has new facilities for overnight charging.

The Renault ZE Master vans have a range of 75 miles per charge. Scott Laird, VP of operations at DHL Parcel said: “Bringing down emissions from commercial vehicles is crucial if we want to make a difference to air quality and the environment. The launch of these vehicles in London is an important step towards our target of zero logistics-related carbon emissions by 2050.

“Recent enhancements in battery life and load capacity have made the use of electric vehicles in urban areas a reality and we’re committed to extending the roll-out in other parts of the country.”

Ahead of the national roll-out of electric vans, charging facilities have been installed at a number of DHL Parcel depots. New build sites have charging facilities planned as standard.

Scott Laird, continued: “As electric technology continues to advance, we have every intention of investing in future models that can serve larger, more rural areas.”