DHL Parcel UK moves PUDO to PayPoint

DHL Parcel UK is working with PayPoint, the largest parcel pick up and drop-off (PUDO) point service in the UK to develop its ServicePoint PUDO offering.

The delivery company’s customers will be able to pick up, drop off and send their parcels via 500 PayPoint network as well as 3,0000 independent PayPoint One retailers by the end of this year.

The move also involves moving away from the Pass My Parcel network that DHL Parcel UK rescued when it went under in 2018. The delivery company was heavily dependent on Pass My Parcel and had to make the acquisition to maintain service levels.

In a statement, DHL Parcel UK said: “With 90% of consumers in the UK within 10 minutes of a local participating PayPoint store, the PayPoint network provides the coverage demanded by consumers. 98% of PayPoint stores are open outside of office hours, seven days a week, providing increased flexibility and convenience. Customers using DHL Parcel’s ServicePoints will have the added benefit of being able to divert their parcel to a local store if they are not able to accept the initial delivery.

“The second phase of the partnership will see DHL Parcel launching an over the counter ‘Send’ service, allowing consumers to order and pay for a delivery online and then drop off their parcels at their local PayPoint store.”

Peter Fuller, CEO DHL Parcel UK, commented: “Our alliance with PayPoint gives us access to the largest click and collect network in the UK. This network allows us to offer consumers even more convenience and we hope the partnership will allow us to introduce even more parcel services in the future.”

Patrick Headon, CEO, PayPoint added: “DHL is one of the leading logistics companies and working alongside PayPoint Collect+, the largest click & collect network in the UK, will offer more convenience to customers and bring online shoppers into store. This is one of the new partnerships announced earlier this year, bringing new footfall and benefits for retailers and shoppers alike.”


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