DHL sees positive Austrian parcel results

After its first year of operations in the country, DHL reports that it has seen a ‘positive’ performance for its parcel business in Austria.

“The way in which our business has performed has been extraordinarily positive,” said Günter Birnstingl, Managing Director of DHL Parcel Austria. “Within a year, we have been able to build up an infrastructure that allows us to successfully serve every postal code in Austria.”

DHL say that this is because Austria’s dynamic e-commerce market has been a major driver for this good performance.

DHL said that it has made “a targeted decision to focus on the needs of these e-commerce customers and parcel recipients” – through initiatives including a nationwide delivery on Saturdays and customer-oriented evening delivery.

It is continuing to roll out new services to develop its Austrian business.

“In the city of Graz,” said DHL, “the first fully automated logistics centre will begin operating this month before the location in the Cargo Centre takes over the function as primary hub for southern and southeastern Austria in the DHL parcel network.

“In the Liesing district of the city of Vienna, the second logistics center is currently under construction, offering 30,000 square meters of space. It will begin operations next year and take over parcel delivery for greater metropolitan Vienna and the central districts.”

Birnstingl added: “Thanks to some 1,900 parcel shops across Austria we can already provide customer-friendly parcel services – whether customers need to pick up or post their parcels.

“This number is expected to surpass 2,000 by the end of the year.”

Supermarket chain Billa is DHL’s largest partner in its chain of parcel shops in Austria. The two companies have agreed to expand this partnership even more: by the end of the year between 400-500 Billa stores will have DHL parcel shop facilities.

DHL Parcel also plans to expand the number of its Packstations. Vienna already has around 35 of the parcel systems, and another 15 are expected to be installed in other cities such as Graz and Linz by the end of the year.
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