DHL Supply Chain helps businesses grow quickly

Thanks in a large part due to the pandemic, DHL Supply Chain has seen its fulfilment business grow by 150% in the last eight months. New customers have come to the logistics giant in search of e-commerce fulfilment operations, and many SMEs are accessing its shared fulfilment solution.

DHL Supply Chain’s shared network includes an e-commerce facility that provides storage, pick, pack and carrier management for more efficient direct-to-consumer shipping. As well as offering SMEs their own channel to market it allows them to scale up.

Amongst other SMEs to benefit was the novel face mask manufacturer U-Mask, that makes masks that reduce and neutralise the passage of bacteria and viruses inside the mask. Their business boomed almost overnight in the pandemic. Thanks to going over to DHL Supply Chain to help scale up its fulfilment operations, U-Masks’s TrustPilot score has leapt from 2 to 4.3.

Filippo Pietrantonio, Digital Operations Manager at U-Mask said: “e-Commerce has been a lifeline for businesses through the periods of lockdown but it’s also shone a light on the long-term opportunities for small and mid-size businesses to market beyond the boundaries of offline sales. With our shared fulfilment operation, growing businesses have the opportunity to access a level of service that was historically the preserve of big online retailers and marketplaces. Now they are able to compete on speed and quality of service without investing in a dedicated network.”

“We’ve all witnessed the significant growth in online shopping over the last year, both for the B2C and B2B markets, and we’re extremely proud to be supporting U-Mask on its growth journey from essentially a start-up to a multimillion euro business in a matter of months. Our fulfilment solution really allows SME players to focus on the things they do well and feel safe that we’re dealing with all their logistics needs,” added Spencer Conday, MD for Supply Chain Solutions at DHL Supply Chain.