DHL Supply Chain to use Volvo autonomous HGVs

Volvo Group’s Volvo Autonomous Solution (VAS) is working with DHL Supply Chain on a hub-to-hub autonomous transport solution in North America.

The autonomous HGVs will operate with shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight brokers. As its first customer, it is working with DHL Supply Chain to pilot the solution. Though no timescales have been announced, Volvo say that the Class 8 Volvo VNL autonomous trucks are to be DHL’s first Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS) operation anywhere in the world.

“This is more than an autonomous truck. It is the Autonomous Transport Solution, which we believe will create value for the entire transportation ecosystem, all with optimised operations that reduce emissions and increase safety,” Nils Jaeger, president of VAS, said in a release.

VAS has been working with Aurora Innovation Inc to offer autonomous HGVs in the US while also developing the TaaS solution. VAS is to be the single point of contact for Autonomous Transport Solution customers.

“Together we want to lead the way in the ongoing transformation that is taking place within the industry, and we will look beyond just exploring new technologies on the truck itself to ensure we develop new solutions and ways of working for the entire transportation ecosystem,” Sasko Cuklev, head of on-road solutions for VAS, said in a release.

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