DHL Supply Chain trials Tesla trucks

As part of its drive to go carbon neutral, DHL Supply Chain has ordered 10 Tesla Electric Class 8 Semi Trucks that will be delivered in 2019.

The logistics company is going to use the Tesla trucks for shuttle deliveries and same-day customer deliveries. In addition, DHL Supply Chain is going to test the tractor units for mileage efficiency on longer runs from major markets to DHL’s other operations around the United States.

“At DHL Supply Chain, we’re always thinking beyond today’s shipment – whether that be thinking about tomorrow, next month or two years from now when these trucks become available,” said Jim Monkmeyer, president of transport at DHL Supply Chain North America.

“This is a revolutionary approach to trucking, and we want to be a part of it for our customers, for our employees and for our industry.”

Deutsche Post DHL Group has indicated its intention to make all of its land based operations carbon neutral in the coming years. We reported just yesterday how the postal, express and logistics group has more than 15,000 e-vehicles in its global delivery fleet – this move to neutralising the emissions from its heavy truck fleet is a signal that DHL Supply Chain is looking across its business, not just the low hanging fruit as other logistics companies such as UPS seem to be doing.  
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seem to be doing.