DHL Supply Chain works with Lufthansa

Supply chain specialists DHL Supply Chain has won a global work apparel logistics contract for Lufthansa Global Business Services. The contract will be for purchasing, warehousing and distribution of Lufthansa’s work apparel.

The contract, scheduled to end in July 2021 is for DHL to handle around 125,000 items for Lufthansa’s 30,000 uniformed employees including pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel. It will also be involved in the buying and procurement of the clothing, as well as processing the orders placed by Lufthansa employees and the packaging, delivery and returns handling. DHL will also manage two of Lufthansa’s Service Centres at Frankfurt Am Main and Munich airports. The company will process orders in volumes of around 53,000 a year at its warehouse near Berlin.

DHL Supply Chain Germany, Alps & Nordics CEO Benoit Dumont said: “We are very happy that Lufthansa Global Business Services entrusted us with its global work apparel logistics.

“And in this case, we’re even our own customer. When it comes to apparel logistics, we have far-reaching expertise and experience that we can pass on to our customers.”

Lufthansa Global Business Services head of service delivery in Germany Andreas Nagel said: “We value DHL’s know-how and are pleased to have found such a reliable logistics provider to handle the complete process of our employees’ work apparel.”

DHL has won a number of outsourcing contracts in the last year as its Supply Chain business expands.