DHL to change Argos and Habitat operations

International logistics company DHL Supply Chain has announced that it is considering transferring its Argos and Habitat operations now Homebase has been sold to Australian company Westfarmers.

Under the new proposals Argos operation would move from its site at Acton Gate in Stafford to Faverdale, while the Habitat operation would move from Kettering and Marsh Leys to one site in Acton Gate.

DHL Supply Chain has said that the repurposing of operations at Acton Gate is in response to the decrease in volumes of goods after the purchase of Homebase.

A spokesperson for DHL Supply Chain said: “Should these proposals go ahead, Argos’ operations will continue to be provided by DHL but moved to Marsh Leys and Faverdale, while Habitat’s operations will transfer from Kettering and Marsh Leys to Acton Gate.

“Affected staff have been informed of the situation and will shortly enter into consultation with unions and site representatives to discuss these proposals. DHL would like to thank their Acton Gate team for their commitment at this difficult time and stress that the decision in no way reflects on their quality of work.”

What with Argos and Habitat being moved under the Sainsbury’s umbrella due to Sainsbury’s interest in Argos last mile operations and network, this move is not clear in signal as to what is planned by the new owners of the company. DHL Supply Chain clearly has a lot of space to spare at the Acton Gate centre and rationalisation of use should enable greater efficiencies.  
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