DHL to deliver wind turbine components

DHL Global Forwarding has announced it has agreed a number of partnerships with Chinese manufacturers to deliver wind turbine components to project sites around the world.

Steve Huang, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Greater China commented: “Shipment of a wind turbine’s oversized components — like its blades, towers and nacelles — requires multiple connections and transfers over land and sea, and involves logistical precision, speed and coordination among various parties,”

“Led by our industrial projects team, our expertise in end-to-end handling of break bulk cargo has convinced leading Chinese manufacturers like DongFang Electric, Envision and Goldwind to partner us in their ambition to meet the needs of an industry that’s predicted to grow at a rate of 8.38% per annum in the next five years.”

In 2018, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers jointly held 36.6% of the world market, with two giants – Goldwind and Envision – having 22.2% of global sales. In 2018 China claims to have installed more than 21.1GW of wind power, leading the world in this regard.

DHL Global Forwarding is working with Envision and has plans in the works to begin supporting Goldwind.

“Our existing and future partnerships with China’s leading wind turbine manufacturers highlight the strong trust that we have built with them over time, by providing well-coordinated, time-efficient and transparent freight forwarding services and customs clearance,” says Jiang Li, Head of Industrial Projects, DHL China. “In the coming years, we aim to further hone our expertise in this area, so we can better support China’s growing role in meeting the demand for safe and sustainable energy generation across the globe.”


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