DHL to support Golden Globe Race sailor

DHL Express has announced it is to partly sponsor Susie Goodall, the youngest female entry into the Golden Globe Race. The Golden Globe is a solo, non-stop yacht race around the world on 1980’s era yachts.

DHL is to provide logistics support in getting Goodall’s equipment to the race start in Plymouth, as well as transporting materials for her promotional engagements around the world before the race begins. DHL will also use its international network to assist with any problems that arise after the race has started.

The Golden Globe yacht race will see 30 sailors race 30,000 miles around the world. It is designed to replicate the solo non-stop circumnavigation in 1968-69 in which only one yachtsman (Sir Robin Knox-Johnston) finished. Unlike the modern, high tech yachts of the Vendee Globe and Volvo Ocean, its competitors have to use 30 years (or older) boats and must use navigation techniques including solar and celestial navigation instead of GPS and computers as used today. While those in the Vendee Globe took as few as 76 days to complete the race, all the competitors of the Golden Globe expect to be out, alone on the world’s oceans for more than nine months. It is no wonder that one of the 68/69 race competitors famously went mad and committed suicide after too long at sea…
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