DHL to test on-road platooning in UK this year

Sponsored by the Department of Transport, DHL is to trial lorry platooning on UK roads later this year.

Platooning is a system where trucks drive close behind one another with the lead truck dictating braking, steering and acceleration. Lorries can join or leave the platoon at any time. The close line of vehicles makes for great aerodynamics and saves on significant amounts of fuel for those in the platoon.

Fusion Processing’s CAVstar optical and radar sensors are to be fitted to the trucks for detailed measurements of the platooning trial. TRL is to collect and analyse the data, which will also look at how other drivers behave around the platoons.

The DHL DAF trucks are to platoon together as part of regular operations in the £8.1 million project called HelmUK. As part of the project the drivers involved will undergo training to understand the system better before moving onto track driving and then the open road.

HelmUK partners include: Apollo Vehicle Safety, DAF, DHL, Costain, Fusion Processing, Millbrook Proving Ground, Ricardo, TNO, TransportPR, Transport Research Laboratory, Transport Safety Catapult, VisionTrack.


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