DHL warns supply chains of hurricane impacts and tracks

The DHL cloud based risk management provider Resilience360 has released a report on the potential risks of hurricanes to supply chains ahead of the 2019 hurricane season.

Looking at the 2018 hurricane season in the Northern Hemisphere the DHL “Stormy Weather Ahead: A Global Outlook on the 2019 Season” report assesses typical storm paths in every region, vulnerable areas and industries.

Also included are recommendations for representatives from procurement, logistics and business continuity management for mitigating the impact of these storms on supply chains.

As well as the report, Resilience360 has launched an improved weather tracking and alerts capability. It assesses the projected paths of a hurricane or cyclone and warns users of potential impacts where appropriate. Using the new capabilities, customers will be able to get better analytics on affected locations and assess what this means for the company’s ability to produce and deliver to its end-customers.

“A minor hurricane that affects only a small region can nonetheless prove disastrous if it affects a crucial logistics hub or a critical supplier,” explains Tobias Larsson, CEO Resilience360. “Preparedness is key to avoiding costly interruptions. Despite the increasing complexity of supply chains, advanced technologies allow us to map out multi-tiered supply chains, including interdependencies up and down stream. This makes it possible to understand how changes at one node – such as cargo ships stranded at a port – could impact the entire supply chain. When businesses are able to visualize where problems could arise, they can also plan appropriately with back-up suppliers and rerouting when a storm is forecast to hit a key area.”


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