Different online shoppers do different things in different nations – Global Online Shopping Study

According to the second Global Online Shopping Study from Pitney Bowes, people from different countries shop online differently. Understanding how these differences occur is key for a company that wishes to expand its reach beyond those of its own shores.

62% of respondents globally found their goods from search engines. 66% will buy from online marketplaces.

However there are differences according to the nations from where the shoppers come from. 78% of shoppers in Russia, and 76% each from China and the US preferred to buy from online marketplaces. However, in Australia (81%), the UK (72%) and Canada (71%), most shoppers buy from online shops. Arguably in the former group the brand of the good matter more where the brand of the shop matters more in the latter group.

As many other surveys have found there are age differences in the methods of shopping too. Younger shoppers are more likely to look at social media feeds for inspiration (28%) than older people – 16% of 45-54 year olds would consider consulting social media. Again, breaking this into countries, shoppers in India (27%) are most likely to shop from social media, followed by Brazil (15%) and Russia (14%).

In looking beyond your borders, you should not only consider cultural differences but shopping habits in the way you sell your brand.