Dive Delivery begins drone deliveries

California based Dive Delivery has had permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones to deliver packages to residences in San Mateo and Contra counties.

Under the terms of the license, residents will sign up to the service and Dive Delivery will send out a FAA certified remote pilot who will do a test flight with no cargo. Should the test be fine, the pilot will do a lightweight package delivery. The drone will fly from a pre-defined location and fly a route via an automated waypoint mission and fly to the back garden of the residence and land on a marked location. It releases the package there and returns to the launch location.

Dive Delivery’s drones are off-the-shelf unmanned aerial vehicles with air drop systems. The release control is programmed into the flight platform.

James Broniec, vice president of business development at the drone company Avision, said, “Dive Delivery is doing groundbreaking work executing on last-mile drone deliveries in the Bay Area. Working alongside a company like Dive to meet the needs of local communities in a time of crisis is really rewarding for us.”