Doddle benefits from click & collect surge

Click and collect service Doddle has reported strong Q4 results. The 2015 trading period has seen good results in this sector as e-tailers have gone over to this as part of their options for getting goods to customers.

CEO Tim Robinson said that click and collect “significantly outperformed the wider delivery market” during the 2015 peak trading period.

He went onto say, “Doddle’s click and collect growth tracked 241% higher than the wider parcel market in Q4 2015 as measured against the Metapack Peak Profile Index.” Doddle has seen business rapidly increase in the last year, and Robinson pointed out, “During Doddle’s busiest hours, a customer collected a parcel from a Doddle store every four seconds.”

The company has said that click and collect is becoming ever more popular, with the service doubling in penetration since 2010, a trend the company says is set to continue. Robinson said, “As more convenient choices become available, customers are choosing the most convenient options available to them,” argued Robinson. “We believe the later peak in our own volumes is the result of consumers’ growing trust in click and collect services to mitigate the risk of missed home deliveries.

“If consumers believe click and collect to be a more reliable delivery option, they will continue to shop until the last minute with greater confidence their order will be delivered the first time and therefore, on time.”

Doddle has increased its network of stores from 26 across London and the UK in 2014 to 45 stores as at 31 December 2015. Total parcel volume peaked at 415,000. Doddle has found a niche in the market and is set to benefit strongly from the growth in this sector of the parcel delivery market. The company is one to watch in the coming year as it exploits its unique position in the sector.