Doddle goes head to head with CollectPlus for click & collect

Parcel store click and collect company Doddle is to focus on partnerships with retailers to further develop its network of parcel delivery and collection locations. It will also be cutting back on its existing stand-alone stores.

Doddle released a statement that said, “The click and collect market continues to grow rapidly, and as consumer preferences evolve, our business model is evolving too.

“We now have 51 locations with recognised brands including Morrisons, Cancer Research UK and other retail partners which have proven popular with customers.

“As a result of their success, we plan to open up to 500 of these locations by Christmas.

“We are in discussions with a number of other major retailers and plan to have 1,000 locations in the next two years.

“This expanded network will be complemented by six Doddle stores, and will see the closure of the remaining stand-alone stores.”

According to reports, the downsizing of the Doddle stand-alone network will mean the closure of 17 stores.

Doddle has been reporting significant losses – and so a change in the business model was on the cards. The advantage of partnering with retailers to build up a click & collect network is that – while you may not have so much direct control – you can bring hundreds of stores online at a stroke and the capital outlay is significantly less. This has been proven through the rapid (and profitable) growth of the click & collect network CollectPlus that seems to be giving Doddle a run for its money, now that CollectPlus has opened the door to new delivery companies.  
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