Domino’s Pizza can be delivered to US parks and beaches

Domino’s Pizza will now deliver to more than 150,000 public spaces across the US that it refers to as ‘hotspots’ and is in the eyes of the pizza delivery franchise, a ‘delivery revolution’.

Earlier this week Domino’s said that it can make deliveries to the ‘hotspot’ locations that do not have a mailing address. According to Domino’s Pizza they could be “local parks, sports fields and beaches, as well as thousands of other unexpected sites”.

The hotspots were identified by Domino’s Pizza outlets across the country – known local spots where people like to enjoy their pizzas.

“We listened to customers and their need for pizza delivery to locations without a traditional address,” said Russell Weiner , president of Domino’s USA . “We know that delivery is all about convenience, and Domino’s Hotspots are an innovation that is all about flexible delivery options for customers.”

Under the scheme, the pizzas have to be pre-paid on the Domino’s Pizza mobile app or website. When the app / website determines the location, the nearby hotspot will appear on a map for the customer to select. The customer can also leave special instructions for the driver to find them. They will be given alerts by SMS giving the progress of the delivery, as well as a final text giving an estimated time of arrival of the driver at the agreed location.