DPD Austria sees 4% volume growth

DPD’s parcel volume in Austria hit 50 million parcels in 2018, a growth of some 4%. This amounts to 2 million more parcels handled by DPD than in 2017, or a daily average of 203,600. This seems to be the company reaping the rewards of its investments in the country.

“Thanks to our investments worth more than EUR 30 million into buildings, cargo hold, technology, safety and fleet, we have successfully met the challenges of the market and strengthened our market position as the largest privately-owned provider,” says Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director DPD Austria.

For Austrian companies and private senders, Germany is still the top of the list of international destinations for DPD Austria’s parcels. Italy and France came in second. Many of the parcels sent were to business customers, cementing its position, according to the company, as number one in the B2B delivery segment.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands and industry growth, the network expansion will be continued in 2019. “Investing around EUR 9 million, we will expand more depots and also build a new depot,” said Rainer Schwarz.

Currently, around 1,700 staff work for DPD Austria, running a fleet of 1,200 vehicles and into the 1,200 strong DPD Pickup Parcel Shop Network.


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