DPD Baltics invests in parcel lockers

Delivery company DPD Baltics has announced it is building up its alternative delivery options for customers by installing new outdoor automated parcel terminals made by KEBA.

To date, most of the 45 terminals that DPD Baltics have ordered have already been installed in locations that are convenient for the company’s customers.

“Taking into account the growth of the e-commerce market, the pace of its development and untapped future potential in both the e-business and private segments, last year we started a large network-improvement project integrating parcel terminals into the existing Pickup parcelshop network. This is the only hybrid (combined of parcel shops and automated parcel terminals) network in the entire Baltic region,” said Gabrielius Bilevicius, DPD Baltics Sales and Marketing Director.

Novel and effective means of getting packages to customers without recycling them through the delivery network seem to be the Holy Grail for delivery companies such as DPD Baltics. Arch rival DHL has recently announced an extension of its pilot scheme with Smart to deliver packages into the car boots of customers at a set time and location during the day. Parcel lockers however are well established as a secure and effective means of getting parcels to where they are intended and for a relatively low cost.

DPD Baltics investing in this technology is a step forward as e-commerce in the region continues to grow strongly.  
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