DPD – cross border shopping and m-commerce are trends to watch

The 2018 DPD e-shopper barometer shows that cross-border e-shopping and mobile device shopping are the trends to watch among European e-shopping in 2019.

Jean-Claude Sonet, Marketing Director, DPDgroup said, “Chief amongst these trends is the growth of cross-border e-shopping, the rising importance of m-commerce as more and more e-shoppers use their mobile devices to shop online.”

One purchase in five across Europe is made on a foreign website, with 58% of online shoppers having made a purchase from a foreign e-tail site in the last year. This is a growth of 6% – a small but significant growth in demand for e-commerce exports and cross border shipping.

Another small but significant number is that the DPD barometer found some 15% of online shoppers had only been online shopping in the last two years and their behaviour is modelled upon what has been available in that period – no memories of two week deliveries as might have occurred in the early 2000’s there.

Mobile device shopping is seeing strong growth too. According to DPD Group, “46% of e-shoppers use a smartphone to buy online, +11 pts vs 2016. Smartphones are increasingly used to make online purchases, especially amongst heavy buyers and millennials, who are also more active on social media than ever.”

Finally the DPD survey found that customers report that they prefer to be told the name of the delivery company being used at the outset as it informs them of the experience they are likely to have. DPD state, “72% of e-shoppers consider it important to know the delivery company at the moment of purchase. This desire is either due to a positive or a negative previous experience or because this knowledge is reassuring. Providing customers with a choice of delivery company could facilitate the decision to purchase and create satisfaction.”