DPD CZ trials Smart Delivery

DPD Czech Republic (DPD CZ) is piloting a new ‘Smart Delivery’ system that enables online retailers to use their delivery company to engage with and learn more about their customers.

Up to now, high street retailers have had the advantage over their online rivals by having face to face contact with their customers when sales are made. This has been a real competitive advantage for them.

DPD CZ has developed a Smart Delivery option where DPD delivery drivers can use their scanners or PDAs to conduct a short survey with the customer to find out things like how happy they are with the purchase, as well as whether they would like to know more about other goods and services that the DPD’s client company in question provides

According to DPD CZ: “The scanner can also display important information and instructions for returns or future deliveries (lockers, parcelshops, etc.) or multimedia content, for example, the company logo with a thank you. The results are subsequently reported to the online retailer on a regular basis.”

The delivery company is working with electronics retailer Euronics to trial the system.

Commenting on the service, Ondřej Vaňha, DPD CZ’s executive director, said of the Smart Delivery option, “Cooperation with online retailers is very important to us, not only in terms of the actual shipping process. The sales support is also of interest to us and we try to bring regular innovations to facilitate business with customers and provide them with an increased amount of options.”

Marek Ingr, spokesman for EURONICS, added, “We expect to gain more information about the experiences and preferences of our customers. We intend to evaluate their overall satisfaction and recognise potential for new purchases.”