DPD Estonia supports Parcelsea personal start mailbox roll-out

DPD Estonia and smart mailbox developers Parcelsea have agreed a partnership to install more than 1,000 personal smart mailboxes across the country by the end of 2021.

The smart mailbox developed by Parcelsea is made of three different size sections and fits a range of package sizes and letters. It can also take up to three grocery bags as well as parcels.

“The cooperation will definitely be exciting, because Parcelsea solution is innovative, the developers are very open-minded and ambitious and the smart mailbox itself is extremely convenient for our couriers,” said Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Estonia. “DPD aims to continue to offer the most convenient delivery solution and Parcelsea complements this option very well.”

According to Kirss, a parcel machine helps to cope with increased parcel volumes.

“A courier can bring a package of the required size quickly and contactless to the customers personal smart mailbox and neither party has to worry about whether the customer is at home or not. The “always open” smart mailbox also helps to save the environment, because the courier does not have to come back later if the person was not at home,” said Kirss.

Parcelsea partner Tanel Raun added “We also plan to work closely together on development. We will receive valuable feedback from couriers on how to make the product even more convenient and maintain all high standards of data transmission. Of course, it is also important that DPD has the best courier network coverage across Estonia,” explained Raun.

There has already been a lot of interest from customers in Estonia, with 100 pre-orders made. The companies expect to have installed more than 1,000 by the end of the year.

“In April, we will start fulfilling pre-orders for a hundred customers. Orders have come from all over Estonia. Most of them are from Harju County, but Pärnu County, Tartu County and Lääne County are also strongly represented,” Raun said.

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