DPD France extends alternative fuel fleet

DPD France has announced it is going big on alternative fuelled and battery powered vans. The company has extended its fleet of natural gas vehicle (NGV) vans and ordered more battery electric vehicles (BEVs) too.

In a statement posted on the DPD website, the company said: “After a number of NGV projects conducted throughout France over the last two years, and the trial of a 100% electric vehicle just a few months ago, DPD France – and one of its subcontractors – has received 8 NGV vehicles for its smart deliveries in Paris and the greater Paris region.

“Meanwhile, the company’s conclusive trial of electric vehicles in Orléans has resulted in an order for 8 eVans from TIP Trailer Services.”

This takes DPD France’s fleet from 32 to 53 NGVs.

The eight new NGVs have a payload of 13 cubic metres. They will be based at the Gennevilliers depot thanks to the proximity of NGV fuel stations around the town.

Virginie Lequy, Operational Process Manager in charge of steering Urban Logistics Joint Priority Project at DPD France, commented: “Our other projects for the Ile-de-France region include similar developments for the cities of Nanterre and Trappes, depending on the locations of NGV stations in these areas.

“On a broader level, we are actively pursuing our NGV deployment plan for 2020, targeting 60 vehicles by the end of the year. This deployment plan is moving forward efficiently, and we aim to complement it with the introduction of electric vehicles”.

The new BEV vans have a capacity of 15 cubic metres and a range of 200km. DPD France is working with TIP Trailer Services and Bouygues Energies and Services to install, rent and maintain the new charging terminals.

DPD’s Orleans and Avignon operations will each have two of the new electric vehicles , while Trappes, Gennevilliers, Valence and Le Mans will each have one.

“These vehicles have priority in major city centre traffic during peak pollution periods, and are part of our policy for energy transition of our delivery fleet,” said Virginie Lequy.

“We believe in the energy mix, namely electric and NGV for urban centres, and we’re working in consultation with our subcontractors on these topics.”