DPD France rolls out parcel boxes

DPD France is rolling out 2,500 new parcel boxes at DPD Pickup retail outlets across the country. This comes in response to a surge in demand for e-commerce deliveries and the emergence of customer to customer (C2C) use of the DPD network.

The parcel boxes are installed at Pickup retailers’ stores and allows the customer to drop off a parcel without being scanned or otherwise processed by staff at the site until a convenient time later in the day. These sites include convenience stores and supermarkets. It saves time for the retailer and often allows customers to put their parcel into DPD’s hands without queuing or doing any paperwork. The retail assistant then scan and store the parcels at a convenient time later in the day before the parcel is collected by the courier.

The first 170 parcel boxes were installed at Carrefour outlets in 2020 and this has been a success. Olivier Titeux, Sales Director, DPD France’s Pickup said, “Pickup’s network has been present for 20 years in all types of shops throughout France. It is a clear indicator of the changes in commerce and e-commerce. In this context, Pickup is convinced that physical commerce can benefit from the new digital consumer practices by using the strength of its proximity to the end customer.”    

“We have built a simple, coherent and powerful brand architecture to better integrate Pickup into the La Poste network of contact points. This strong identity will enable us to improve the visibility, legibility and consistency of our services for a seamless customer experience across all our contact points,” added Maxime d’Hauteville, Chairman, Pickup       

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