DPD Germany going all electric in Hamburg

DPD Germany has announced plans to go all-electric in Hamburg ‘by the summer of 2019 at the latest’.

A range of battery electric vehicles, small and large are to be used including cargo bikes and e-scooters, as well as larger vehicles such as fully electric vans and trucks. These will work across a web of micro-depots in the city.

The delivery firm is going all electric with the support of the German Federal ZUKUNFT.DE initiative.

“E-mobility can be an important answer to the growing challenges of urban parcel delivery,” explained Boris Winkelmann, CEO of DPD Germany. “After numerous tests, we are now for the first time switching to fully electric vehicles in Hamburg’s city centre. We also hope that this will provide us with valuable insights into the long-term performance of various electric models – especially when it comes to large-scale collection and delivery of parcels for commercial shippers and consignees.” 

The electric vehicles are to replace 10 conventional delivery rounds in Hamburg.

According to a statement from DPD Germany, “Both in Hamburg and in other cities DPD is hoping for greater support from the municipalities in the establishment of alternative delivery concepts, and in particular in the search for suitable locations for micro depots.”

DPD CEO Boris Winkelmann said of the plans, ”Parcel services are already indispensable for cities today, and they are becoming increasingly important both for residents and for retailers. It is essential for cities and municipalities to play an even greater role in working with us to find constructive solutions for the parcel deliveries of tomorrow.”