DPD Germany pleased with e-cargo-bike pilot

DPD has announced that it is ‘highly satisfied with the results’ of its final mile e-bike delivery pilot in Nuremburg, Germany. So far the pilot has handled 80,000 parcels.

In a statement posted on its website, DPD said: “Thanks to the use of five electrically assisted transport bikes it has been possible to replace five conventional delivery vans almost completely.

“Encouraged by this positive experience in Nuremberg, DPD will be launching further deliveries by transport bike and has already begun operations in Heilbronn. Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and further cities will follow in the course of the year. In Hamburg DPD has been operating a number of electrically powered transport bikes since the beginning of 2017.”

Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation at DPD Germany, commented: “In the dense traffic of the inner city the transport bike has developed into a real alternative to conventional delivery vehicles.

“In view of possible impending access restrictions, the development of such sustainable city logistics solutions is becoming ever more important. Our positive cooperation with the City of Nuremberg indicates that shared operational procedures adopted by the municipality and parcel services are good for everyone – not least for city centre businesses and residents.“

Under the pilot scheme there is a 130 square metre micro depot in the centre of Nuremburg. Parcels are brought to the DPD depot in a van and then sent by e-bike for delivery. Batteries are charged at the depot, and couriers will carry a spare battery in cold weather when the batteries don’t perform so well.