DPD Ireland invests €3.2m in electrifying fleet

DPD Ireland has announced it is investing €3.2 million in zero emissions delivery vehicles in the next 12 months.

The green vehicle project is known as ElectriCity will include purchasing the EVs, hiring personnel, employee training, acquiring the depots and refurbishment.

The DPD Ireland project was launched at the new depot at Dublin’s Docklands Innovation Park on East Wall Road.

The new DPD Ireland fleet is to serve the Dublin City Centre area. There will be a range of sizes of vehicles from small Paxters that can access the smaller lanes, to Goupils and LDVs that will carry larger parcels. 10 are already on the road.

According to DPD Ireland it will branch the ElectriCity scheme into other urban centres in the next three years.

Irish Environment Minister Richard Bruton said at the launch: “Transitioning to a low carbon economy will require more sustainable choices and leadership from industry.

“By investing in electrifying their fleet, DPD are putting sustainability at the heart of their business and leading the way.”

Company Chief Executive Des Travers stated that DPD will be the first parcel delivery firm to have an electric depot: “Through ElectriCity, 15 parcel delivery routes in Dublin will become all-electric routes. By the end of this year, as part of our bid to reduce our carbon output, DPD will have saved more than 20 tonnes of CO2 being emitted as a result of moving to an electric fleet,” he said.

“DPD is committed to making every parcel delivered carbon neutral, and is doing so by measuring CO2 emissions, striving to reduce them, and by offsetting the remaining ones,” he added.


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