DPD Ireland pilots Green Last Mile

DPD Ireland has launched a ‘Green Last Mile’ initiative where it will deliver 1,000 parcels a day via electric bikes running from a double decker bus micro-hub in Bettystown, Laytown and Drogheda.

According to DPD Ireland this system will save the company 550kg of CO2 emissions a week. The plan is to assess the Green Last Mile pilot and work out how it can be rolled out nationwide. By 2025 the parcel delivery operator plans to have 160 electric vehicles on the road and claims to have delivered 90,000 parcels by electric vehicle in Dublin.

CEO of DPD Ireland Des Travers said, “Rather than having diesel vans driving into urban areas, we are using electric bikes which really improves the delivery experience. It has really grown into a triple-win – it reduced CO2 emissions, it reduced congestion and it allows us to deliver parcels more efficiently.”