DPD Netherlands diversifies into temperature controlled logistics

Parcels carrier DPD Netherlands have acquired temperature controlled logistics operators BK Pharma Logistics and BK Sneltransport as part of its drive to extend its core activities.

The two companies, already led jointly by MD Paul Bouwmeester, specialise in international temperature controlled food and pharmaceuticals logistics.

DPD Netherlands is acquiring the businesses to help drive their growth while allowing them to continue their operations independently. At ground level, the 130 employees of the companies will have greater growth and development opportunities.

Paul Bouwmeester, MD of BK Pharma Logistics and BK Sneltransport, said, “This cooperation with DPD will be of huge benefit to us. By working with DPD Netherlands, we will have the opportunity to grow faster, and it also gives us access to a network of larger, international customers, bringing benefits to both our customers and employees.”

In taking on the two companies, DPD Netherlands is bringing in house the workforce’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in temperature controlled logistics, something the carrier wishes to have as a core discipline by 2025.

Eric Dietz, CEO of DPD Netherlands, concluded, “We are delighted to be working with BK Pharma Logistics and BK Sneltransport. We can learn much from each other, enter new markets together and thus grow our activities in temperature-controlled transport for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food sectors. This holds with our ambitions and the growth markets that we, at DPD, have identified as having.”

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