DPD – new German returns service

A new returns service has been launched by DPD for its German parcel shop network.

In a statement, the company said: “Thanks to a new multi-carrier solution DPD is now able to process return labels which are used by other parcel services at the same time. This provides e-commerce customers with a very simple possibility of using DPD as an additional service provider.”

Now, a DPD printed label is no longer required. The returns label printed by the online or mail order retailer is auto9matically recognised when it is scanned at the DPD parcel shop. Under the new system, after the package is handed in at the parcel shop, the return parcel is immediately sent by DPD to the original shipper. According to the company, “As a rule the shipment arrives within only 1–2 working days after it is handed in at the parcel shop, and can then be processed further without delay.”

Michael Knaupe, Director Products and Services at DPD in Germany, commented: “ E-commerce shippers can conveniently include DPD as an additional service provider without any changes to their established processes. With access to 6,000 Pickup parcelshops DPD is providing even more convenience for consumers, too. In addition, with our network we ensure fast return transport. This is increasingly important for our retail customers, because the faster the goods are returned, the earlier they can be sold once more to a different shopper.”

DPD is also introducing a mobile parcel label for returns. The company said this will “mean that only a smartphone is required for the paper-free return of a parcel to the consignor from a Pickup parcelshop”.