DPD Nuremburg e-bike trial promising and practical

According to DPD, electrically assisted delivery bikes that it tested in Nuremburg are a ‘promising and practical’ solution.

DPD had been using the bikes with a centrally located micro-depot in Nuremburg. Parcels intended for the inner city were stored and distributed from there. The concept of a micro-depot and transport bikes are part of a project that looks at sustainable inner city logistics alongside Nuremburg Technical University.

Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation at DPD Deutschland, commented: ”Our initial experiences in Nuremberg have demonstrated clearly that transport bikes are a promising and practical alternative to conventional delivery vehicles.

“Transport bikes not only enable emissions-free parcel deliveries locally, but are also more practical and efficient in inner-city traffic.”

In a statement, DPD added: “Since December DPD has already delivered 5,000 parcels by transport bike in the southern suburbs of Nuremberg. Each bike has a transport capacity of 1.45 m³, which is sufficient for up to 80 parcels. The transport bikes have a battery-powered drive unit which assists the parcel courier, while the large, lockable rear door and a smaller side door provide the courier with easy access to the parcels carried by the bike.

“In Nuremberg DPD makes deliveries by transport bike mainly to private consignees in a test area covering the districts of Glockenhof, Steinbühel, Galgenhof and Hummelstein. In these densely populated residential areas with a high stop density the transport bikes are significantly more efficient than conventional delivery vans. For the same number of stops the bicycle couriers have to travel much shorter distances, have less ground to cover on foot and don’t lose any time looking for somewhere to park. In inner-city traffic the highly manoeuvrable transport bikes are also considerably easier to manage than conventional delivery vehicles.”

“The connection with a micro-depot is a necessary one, because although transport bikes are ideal for delivering individual parcels locally, they are not suitable for carrying the parcels from the sorting centre to the inner city.”

DPD has made it known that it will continue with the Nuremburg system after the project ends.

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