DPD pushes climate commitment on To Do List

La Poste owned parcel carrier DPD has joined the ‘World’s To Do List’ campaign for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as part of its commitment to sustainability.

DPD joins a group of large global players that include Google, Unilever and Diageo amongst others. As part of the scheme, each member company has elected to be a ‘Business Avenger’ for one of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. Between them the member companies have more than 700,000 staff and a social reach of more than 100 million people.

The Business Avengers aim to actively raise awareness and take actions within their own businesses to achieve the ‘Global Goals’. They will share their related actions while also stating their own to-do list for the immediate future.

DPD has elected to commit to Goal 13 – Climate Action – and is looking to make zero emissions deliveries to 225 European cities by 2025. The marketing campaign uses ‘sticky note’ imagery and DPD is to put these ‘notes’ across its marketing and communications stating ‘Tackle the climate crisis’ , including on its vehicles and DPD buildings as well as its websites.

Tim Jones, director of marketing, communications and sustainability, DPDgroup UK, commented, “Covering up our logo isn’t something we would normally do. But these aren’t normal times. The climate crisis is real and, while we know that we are part of the problem, we are committed to playing our part and demonstrating to others what is possible. By 2025 we aim to cut our CO2  emissions by 30% and deliver to 80 million people in Europe with low-emission deliveries. In the UK, we can see this plan taking shape already in Oxford, the first of 25 UK cities to experience all-electric-only deliveries from DPD.”

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