DPD rolls out TRIPL EVs in three German cities

In its latest announcement about tackling carbon emissions, DPD has released a statement saying it is using eight new three wheeled TRIPL electric delivery vehicles in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

In a statement posted on its website yesterday (5 June), Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation at DPD Germany, said: “Delivery in the city centre is one of the biggest challenges for parcel services like DPD.

“While parcel volumes are growing rapidly, inner-city traffic is also growing. This is where our TRIPLs can help, because they make much faster progress on narrow and congested inner-city streets than our conventional delivery vans. The emission-free electric drive of the TRIPL not only reduces traffic but also helps to conserve the environment”.

According to DPD the TRIPL three wheeler is suited to delivering parcels in areas where there are traffic restrictions against diesel vans and “in the  future the TRIPLs could also be helpful within the context of imminent driving bans in the city centre”.

The firm did point out that due to range and load capacity, these vehicles can’t be a complete replacement for vans in their current format.

DPD explained: “The charging capacity of the TRIPL battery is sufficient for urban delivery rounds of 80-100 km, while its maximum speed is 45 km/h. The transport volume of the TRIPL amounts to 200 kg and 750 litres, so that up to 50 smallish parcels can fit under the prominent bonnet of the electric tricycle. During a delivery round the TRIPL delivery driver may have to load up the tricycle with parcels several times. For this purpose the TRIPL either docks with a conventional van or loads up with parcels again at a micro-depot. Micro-depots are small trans-shipment points located directly in the urban delivery area. They are supplied with parcels in the morning by truck or van, while distribution in the delivery area is then carried out by smaller vehicles – for example by transport bikes or nowadays with the TRIPL.”