DPD tests PackMyRide automated vehicle loading system

DPD Germany is testing the robot vehicle loading system, Dematic’s PackMyRide. This should reduce the physical demands on drivers and significantly speed up loading times.

The PackMyRide system is being tested at the DPD Nagold depot. The subsystem is currently being tested in the distribution centre of development partner DPD. There, Dematic PackMyRide first picks up the packages from the Intralogistics system and transports them via conveyor belts to a scanning unit, where volume, weight and barcode data are verified for optimum sorting. In the Dematic Sequencing Tower, the packages are then stored temporarily to pass them in the desired order to a pusher system. At this point, the system differentiates between two types of packages.

Dr Daniel Jarr Project Manager Dematic PackMyRide explained,: “Should something be wrong with the shipment, it will be redirected to the manual workspace.” Otherwise, the package will be loaded onto a stacker crane that runs along multiple, more aligned, more mobile ones Shelf units moved and sorted the packages at the desired location. When a shelf is fully loaded, it can easily be removed from the loading facility and transported to the delivery vehicle. Dematic claim that the PackMyRide system can handle as much as 80% of the package spectrum – only ‘uglies’ are really left out.

“With Dematic PackMyRide, we are revolutionising last-mile package loading by presenting the world’s first automated solution concept in this segment,” said Jarr,. With the automation system, several tours can be loaded simultaneously, resulting in significantly higher productivity and efficiency in package handling.

“Our innovative solution concept not only provides ergonomic relief for the driver, but also saves a great deal of time, which benefits the company elsewhere in the value chain,” said Jarr. The manual loading of the vehicles is a time-consuming step for the parcel service providers, which in the future can be taken over completely by the automation system.

Thomas Steverding, Senior Group Manager for Process & Development at DPD Germany, explains why the parcel service provider was happy to be available as a project partner: “While our conveyor systems are already highly automated, the last mile parcels are still loaded manually. For the first time, the innovative solution concept from Dematic shows how we can meaningfully support the human workforce at this point and relieve the burden on the drivers. We are very pleased to be able to test this promising development. ”


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