DPD UK and Wayve on driving data collection programme

London based AI based autonomous urban mobility company Wayve is working with DPD on a fleet data collection programme.

As part of the eventual aim of having autonomous delivery vehicles on the road, the two firms are working together to explore how computer vision and machine learning can be applied to existing fleet and delivery operations, increasing the safety of smart urban delivery.

“Real-world driving data is fundamental to building the core capabilities of Wayve’s technology and we have built industry-leading expertise in the collection and utilisation of fleet-scale data,” said Alex Kendall, Wayve CEO.

“Working with DPD is an incredible opportunity to accelerate the collection of peta-byte scale data sets that expand our coverage in more areas of the UK and helps us improve the safety and driving intelligence of our technology.”

Initially, 50 DPD UK vans operating in Greater London are to have data collection devices that will enable Wayve to collect the data from the vans during normal driving operations. The data collected will include imagery from a 360° surround view of the vehicle that will have zero impact on the driver.

“DPD’s delivery fleet drove over a 156 million miles in 2018, covering 96% of the UK road network on average, at least once a month. Working with Wayve, we plan to use this data to improve insurance claim handling for vehicles on the road,” said Max Glaisher, senior product manager, Innovation, DPD UK.

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