DPD UK takes delivery of 250 sustainable HGV trailers

Leading UK carrier DPD has added 250 tiger trailers to its HGV fleet. The new trailers are in two batches – 100 tandem axle single deck box van trailers are being delivered as well as 150 moving deck double deck trailers that are built with enhanced durability and fuel efficiency in mind.

Darren Wilson, Associate Director – Linehaul & Transport, DPD UK commented: “DPD’s sustainability strategy is based on examining every aspect of our operation to make it more efficient and better for the environment. We thrive on innovation and that’s exactly what Tiger is doing in the trailer space. We’ve ordered over 250 trailers from them to support our growth, all of which will be manufactured in the UK using the latest technology and greenest components. In fact, the material being used on the double-deck trailer panels is constructed in such a way as to be totally recyclable. We love working with suppliers who share the same values and goals and Tiger is certainly one such supplier.”

The double deck wedge trailers are built with sustainability and durability in mind, including sidewalls that are made from Tata Steel’s Coretinium composite sheet material that saves weight and maximises payload to reduce fuel and CO2 emissions.

“Up to 85% of the material, produced at our Shotton Works in Flintshire, can be recycled without separating the skins from the core”, explains Edwin Richards, Technical Sales Manager Coretinium®, Tata Steel, who adds: “The honeycomb product enables us to create material-efficient solutions. Having teamed up with Tiger Trailers on double decks in 2019, it’s great to now be involved in the supply to a company like DPD who place such strong value on the whole life impact of their trailers.”

Stephen Pollock, Tiger Trailers’ Business Development Director, comments: “We’re proud to be working closely with DPD in manufacturing these two different products for their fleet. Online retail and delivery have proliferated even more quickly in recent months, so we are very pleased to be able to support DPD in getting parcels delivered safely and on time as the company strives to offer its customers increasingly wider choice. We echo DPD’s sentiments over sharing passions for innovation, technology and environmental sustainability, and look forward to supporting DPD and its green trailers.”

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