DPD: what3words markedly improves delivery efficiency

The what3words geolocation system improves delivery efficiency according to research by DPD Germany and Mercedes-Benz.

Under the system of what3words, the whole world has been divided into three-square-metre squares that have three words identifying them. The target location can be identified by the driver who then heads there. The system is adapted for local languages so everyone can understand them. Emergency services have increasingly turned to it as it can give an exact location for those in need even if they don’t know for example, the street and postcode they are in.

The trial by DPD and Mercedes involved sending 50 packages to residential addresses to a town near Stuttgart. Both drivers used identical Sprinter vans equipped with MBUX navigation systems, one integrated with what3words. Neither driver was familiar with the area.

The driver using what3words had 15% greater efficiency than the control. Parking time was reduced as the driver knew exactly where they were aiming at and the time on foot was also reduced.

Steffen Raiber, manager, industry management CEP and logistics, Mercedes-Benz Vans, added, “The test has shown that the system is a big improvement especially for new drivers and those that have to work in an unfamiliar delivery area. It also removes a lot of stress from the driver and makes his job much easier. In times when the number of packages is continuously increasing, there is a clear competitive advantage.”