DPDgroup expects peak volumes 100% above new normal

Peak season at European delivery group of companies DPDgroup is going to see daily volumes of up to 100% above current daily volumes.

Between April and June during the lockdown, DPDgroup handled 425 million parcels across Europe, a 26% increase on 2019 volumes for the same period. These volumes have been maintained even after people were allowed more freedom.

September 2020 saw volume growth of 30% as against 2019 with B2C volumes up 68%. Boris Winkelmann, chairman and CEO of GeoPost/DPDgroup, commented, “DPDgroup has maintained full operations and activity over this challenging first semester of 2020. Our business units have responded successfully to country-specific contexts thanks to their strong in-market position and talented ability to adapt quickly. They have taken great initiatives to counteract the pandemic, supporting local businesses and national efforts. All these actions will be maintained as we enter the second wave of the pandemic.”

According to the company, new lockdowns are going to accentuate the coming peak season even more. “Customer satisfaction is DPDgroup’s top priority, and maintaining quality of service will be one of the main challenges. Our volumes have already increased by 30% compared with last year. We are working hand in hand with our customers to agree on daily forecasts over the peak period; even forecasts are harder than ever to define. We will beat our record as we do every year, but 2020 is exceptional and highly demanding,” explained Bas Janssen, European operations director at DPDgroup.