DPDgroup invests in Baltics parcel locker expansion

DPDgroup has announced plans to more than double its parcel locker network in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to a total of 641 in the next year.

The roll out is set to cost €7.3 million, which will be DPDgroup’s biggest infrastructure investment in its 21 year history.

“As the number of people buying at e-shops rises, their need to pick up parcels at parcel lockers is also growing,” explained Robertas Vilkaitis, CEO of DPD in the Baltics. “DPDgroup e-shopper barometer 2019”, a survey of EU residents conducted on behalf of DPDgroup last year revealed 55% of Lithuanian residents choose delivery to automated parcel lockers, whereas the European average is 13%. This trend shows us the direction we should go in expanding our services and that is precisely why we decided in favour of a record expansion of the Pickup stations network in the Baltic countries.”

Lithuania is to see the biggest roll out with a total of 235 parcel locker units by the middle of 2021. Rural areas in particular will see new parcel lockers being put in place.

“Parcel delivery by courier remains popular, presently accounting for over 70% of all parcel deliveries, with more than 500 couriers occupied in that every day. Still, for several years now we’ve been seeing stable growth of e-commerce and both business and private customers evermore often using the parcel pickup service, which is not just cheaper and more convenient, but also ecological,” Vilkaitis noted.